Court reporters and their team members are adjusting to new marketplace realities. We’ve teamed up with leaders from Verbit, the Speech to Text Institute, Planet Depos and TheRecordXchange to address how COVID-19 has accelerated the integration of new technologies made necessary initially by the stenographer shortage.

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“I'm a firm believer in this phrase, that ‘justice delayed is justice denied,’ and I think our clients, the law firms, all believe that as well. There's just no way that we can stop the legal process.”
- Billy DiMonte of Planet Depos


In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • How to prepare for legal market implications and the lasting impact of COVID-19
  • New rule changes, such as notary laws, that legal professionals should be aware of
  • Expert advice and market predictions for the short and long term
  • Insights on the evolving court reporting industry


“it's been an opportunity for certain technologies to leap forward, and I don't think that that ground will be lost.”
- Steve Townsend of TheRecordXchange

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