Webinar: Navigating New Data on Automatic Speech Recognition

Analyzing key findings and results of a survey report which revealed market trends on ASR & captioning

This webinar took place on July 10th



We’re deep-diving into the results of a third-party survey Verbit conducted with Global Surveyz Research. 200 senior executives (Director+) who are incorporating Automatic Speech Recognition tools & captioning in their work were surveyed. The data collected spans across a variety of industries, including entertainment and media, banking and finance, tech and telco, healthcare or pharma, business, advertising and marketing, automotive, retail, energy, food and beverage or hospitality.



Discover how these professionals use and perceive ASR and captioning technologies, as well as the implications of the five key findings we uncovered. You’ll get a global view of the market, with respondents hailing from companies in the US (33%), Canada (33%) and the UK (34%). Don’t miss the chance to hear live from our experts in ASR and captioning to get their on-the-spot takes!

Meet our speakers

David Landsberg

VP of Products | Verbit

As an enterprise software leader, David leverages experience, foresight, insight and data to address today’s and tomorrow’s biggest challenges. His software engineering background and experience leading product teams and cross-functional R&D groups enable him to build innovative and disruptive software products that solve real-world problems.

Michael Rosman

VP Marketing & Corporate Strategy | Verbit

Michael leads all marketing efforts and corporate strategy at Verbit, including the launch of Verbit's own ASR, Captivate. He holds deep analytical and and consulting skills, including in business development and innovation. He previously served in leadership roles at Amdocs and Degania Medical. He is based in the state of Washington.

See the survey data

Scan through the survey data ahead of our live webinar by downloading a copy of the report here. Come prepared with any questions you may have, as we’ll be fielding attendee feedback live!