In the new age of remote work, effective communication and technology can make or break a business’s success. Business leaders were previously faced with the expectations of today’s millennial workforce which was already pushing for more remote opportunities prior to the pandemic, but now they need to keep social distancing considerations in mind as well.

Creating seamless communication and enlisting the right technologies are primers for success. However, there is no one-size-fits all answer for how a business should operate. This guide tackles the pros and cons of various tools, technologies and strategies that professionals should consider for remote work success.

guide best practice

This guide answers questions like:

  • How can I ensure my business’s communication channels remain clear?
  • What tools should I use for employee collaboration?
  • How can I best keep my clients and customers informed of offerings and updates?
  • With limited resources in mind, how can I invest in the right tools?
  • What accommodations should I keep in mind for my remote workforce?

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