Two innovative programs to help inspire you and rethink your current offerings

Only 34% of US college students feel prepared to enter the workforce, and with dwindling unemployment rates caused by COVID-19, there’s never been a greater need to close the skills gap. The pandemic caused certain industries to come to a grinding halt, but also opened up new industry areas that require specific skill sets.

This guide looks at how leaders at City University of New York (CUNY) and the University of Oklahoma are launching innovative programs that target these areas. Both schools are utilizing Coursera for Campus to help current students and alumni to prepare for this new working world and gain new skills and re-enter the workforce. 


This guide offers insights on:

  • Core industries seeing growth for schools and students to be aware of
  • How platforms like Coursera can help close the skills gap
  • The details of innovative programs helping provide skills to the workforce
  • How to incentivize students to complete upskilling courses

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