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Disabilities through Disney Characters

A creative method used by OSU to engage students & faculty

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Aired January

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With several students not wanting to be ‘labeled’ or formally report their access needs, Oregon State University’s Disability Access Services Department wanted to do more to engage and educate its community on the prevalence of disabilities.

Leaders turned to well-known Disney characters to personify different disabilities and showcase disabilities in various forms through relatable figures from the Disney franchise. Watch to learn how OSU runs this important exercise, its impact and how to adapt it for your university.

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Martha Smith

Director, Disability Access Services, Oregon State University

Martha has been working around access for individuals with disabilities since 1984. She has been working specifically in higher education to make the learning environment more accessible since 1990. She is always looking for new, fun, and innovative ways to engage people around the topic of disability.


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Bethany Stoltz

Customer Success Manager, Verbit

Bethany is a K-12 and higher education influencer, who works with educational institutions to help them bring their accessibility plans to life. She also has significant experience as a teacher and in working with district and school leaders in curriculum implementation.