This playbook provides you with the right tips and best practices, so you could integrate digital tools into your court reporting agency. Get smarter with AI-based deposition, and fill market demands before your competitors will.

Technology will never replace humans, but it can make their jobs more efficient, help agencies scale, and increase the chance of fair legal processes for clients.

The innovation of AI applied to legal transcription has the potential to pave the way for an updated version of the profession of court reporting. Skilled individuals who are experts at overseeing the many different technologies that are involved in the modern courtroom are sure to be in high demand going forward as the digital revolution takes hold in the legal sector.

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In this ebook you will learn:

  • Which federal & state codes support agencies’ transition to digital
  • How digital court reporting works (you'll get a step by step process)
  • How to start your digital court reporting department (including the certification and equipment needed, plus how much budget to set aside)
  • How to answer common concerns from legal clients about digital court reporting
  • How to address potential challenges in digital court reporting (using efficient solutions that already create reliable results)
  • How to use technology to empower your court reporters (so your agency can thrive long term)

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