The higher-ed industry is at a turning point. Accessibility and inclusion are no longer being looked at as initiatives to implement as after thoughts or based on individual student requests. Higher-ed institutions are proactively turning to technology and video to meet industry demands and student expectations, as well as commit themselves to ensuring all aspects of the student experience are accessible, inclusive and engaging.

This free eBook serves as a guide for the higher education industry as university leaders, professors, disability directors, instructional designers and other faculty search for opportunities to make their courses and campuses more accessible.

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Read the expert advice of 15 higher education leaders on the topics of:
    • Effective accessibility campaigns at peer institutions
    • Preparing your school for the future of ed-tech
    • Utilizing video for accessibility and interactivity
    • Driving change management on campus
    • Taking a proactive stance on accessibility
    • Designing courses for diverse student needs

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