The plans of universities on how to approach the Fall 2020 semester are continuously changing. Verbit conducted polls during its virtual summit, EduALL: Back To School Edition, to gain insights on if university leaders who had hoped to launch on-campus offerings are now reversing course.

70% of higher education professionals polled said their institution has a clear plan for bringing back students and staff. 88% said they’re enlisting hybrid approaches. 

Additional insights were provided by leaders at Tufts University, Michigan State University, George Mason University, SUNY, Coastal Carolina University, Van Allen Strategies, Blackboard Collaborate and Coursera.

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From this infographic, you’ll learn:

  • Institutions’ online and hybrid plans for the fall semester
  • Top concerns going into the fall semester
  • The primary challenges facing higher-ed students
  • Approaches to the assessment of students and accessibility

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