The court reporting market and legal processes are evolving quickly due to social distancing requirements and the implementation of new technologies that remove manual processes.

Verbit teamed up with experts at Strategy&, a division of PwC, to uncover the latest digital court reporting market insights, challenges and opportunities. We’ve produced this infographic on the key findings, including the court reporting market’s estimated value of $2.8-3.5B and that depositions hold the majority share at 70-85%.

court_reporter_shortage (1)

From this infographic, you’ll learn:

  • Insights from interviews with 150 CRAs, vendors, suppliers, court reporters and end users
  • The three main use case types of court reporting
  • The inclusive court reporting market value
  • The biggest pain points cited currently by law firms, agencies, courts and others
  • The three main factors affecting the pace of change and digital adoption

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