Is your school shifting its courses online due to the COVID-19 crisis? Join us to receive key guidance you need right now to smoothly make the transition to remote learning.

You’ll hear from Scott Ready, who has proven experience working with educators and institutions to ensure their courses are being delivered online effectively. Attendees will leave this webinar armed with actionable insights and have their pressing questions addressed live.

We’ll also answer common questions we’re receiving, including:

  • How can I coach offline professors for the online environment?
  • What technology and platforms do you recommend most in this transition?
  • Will COVID-19 have a long-term impact on education?
  • How can I continue to keep students engaged as they now learn remotely?
  • How can I make course materials accessible to fit all students' needs?
  • What are metrics of success to consider for online learning?

Scott Ready

Accessibility Evangelist and Senior Customer Success Manager, Verbit

As an accessibility evangelist, Scott Ready, has served the education industry for 20+ years and worked for 35+ years in accessibility. Ready studied at Columbia International University and the University of Central Missouri. Ready’s first language is American Sign Language, and he has been part of the deaf community through his parents, who are both deaf, since birth. His parents were teachers at the Missouri School for the Deaf.