Aired November 11th

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Millennial expectations and new skills needed in today’s workforce were causing a shift to on-demand and online education for some time. Now, with the need to social distance and transform, school leaders are taking advantage of this moment. They’re launching innovative programs designed for online and hybrid learning environments.

Verbit hosted Coursera to spotlight two schools reinventing the traditional education pathway: The University of Oklahoma and CUNY. Their leaders are designing programs to prepare students to enter the workforce with tangible skills gained remotely. Be inspired as we delve into Oklahoma’s WorkSooner program and CUNY’s 90-Day Upskilling Challenge.

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Meet Our Speakers

JP Moran

Global Head of Channels & Coursera for Campus Americas

Moran and Coursera envision a world where anyone, anywhere can transform their life by accessing the world’s best learning experience. Since launching in the fall of 2019, Coursera for Campus now serves 3,700 campuses worldwide, including 2.4 million campus learners. Coursera for Campus enables any university to introduce world-class, job-relevant online education to teach learners the skills of the future.

Martha Banz

Dean and Associate Provost, Extended Campus, The University of Oklahoma

Martha Banz serves as interim dean for OU’s College of Professional & Continuing Studies (OU Extended Campus), as Associate Provost for Continuing Education, and as Executive Director of the FAA Center of Excellence for Technical Training and Human Performance (COE-TTHP).  She oversees the College’s portfolio of 30 degree and certificate tracks, and delivery to 5,000 degree-seeking students and 25,000 lifelong learners annually. The College is ranked ‘Top Ten’ by U.S. News and World Report.

Nakisha "Nikki" Evans

Director of the Office of Workforce Partnerships, City University of New York (CUNY)

Evans oversees CUNY's Upskilling Initiative, a virtual skills training program developed to support the city's COVID19-related economic recovery efforts. Evans and her team led the design, launch and management of its 90-Day Upskilling Challenge. Since its launch, the website has connected 17,000 users to online, self-paced trainings in IT/ Software Development, Healthcare Administration, Data Analytics and Business. Evans is responsible for career readiness programs for 55,000 STEM degree-seeking students.

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