Bringing Accessibility & Inclusion to Life at UK Institutions

Start the new year with experts insights and a demo on how to promote access

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Aired Feb 1st

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Hear from experts at City, University of London who are creating more inclusive experiences for their students. They'll share practical tips on how you can approach accessibility at your higher-ed institution too.

They'll explore how Verbit is serving as an effective partner in the process and offering guidance to UK institutions with captioning, transcription and audio description solutions. Learn how to tackle  challenges you're likely facing and see a demo of helpful solutions.

Meet Our Speakers

Maria Kaffa

Maria Kaffa

Assistant Educational Technologist, City, University of London (she/they)

Maria is the project support officer for the Digital Accessibility project at City, an institutional initiative designed to review and improve City’s digital accessibility. Maria's areas of focus are staff development and accessible digital content, including multimedia.

Emma Guilbert Headshot-modified

Emma Guilbert

Assistant Educational Technologist, City, University of London (she/they)

Emma Guilbert is an Assistant Educational Technologist at City, University of London. They work within the LEaD (Learning Enhancement and Development) multimedia team, which encourages academics to utilise a variety of media within their teaching and learning practices. Supporting Maria and the Digital Accessibility project, they focus on promoting an accessible teaching and learning experience for staff and students.

Scott Ready

Scott Ready

Global Head of Accessibility & Inclusion, Verbit (he/him)

Scott is an intrapreneur and change agent focused on improving environments that impact the lives and experiences of individuals with disabilities. He regularly speaks on and "possibilitizes" about improving environments with a "Design Thinking" approach. He attributes his beginnings to his parents who are deaf and their community of leaders who mentored him.

Michael Gabay

Michael Gabay

Director of Sales, EMEA, Verbit (he/him)

Michael has been on a mission to make the world more inclusive during his four years at Verbit. He works with UK and US institutions and businesses daily to offer them custom, much-needed solutions to meet their access needs and support legal requirements. He has a reputation for helping customers to remove obstacles and assist with their growth through technological advancements.