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As more professionals are being encouraged to work remotely, the legal industry is turning to digital solutions to power virtual depositions. Verbit will be joined by vTestify to address common questions and tips for successful remote depositions.

Join us to receive best practices when holding proceedings remotely, including:

  • The importance of update notices
  • Considering stipulations with opposing counsel
  • Troubleshooting potential technology issues by testing your tools, video and audio
  • Utilizing tools which are purpose-built for legal transcription and depositions
Guest Speaker:
Guest Speaker:

Alex Hewitt

Director of Operations, vTestify

vTestify partners with Verbit’s transcript platform to enable digital reporters, court reporters and stenographers to separate the capture of a legal proceeding from the production of the transcript. Hewitt and vTestify have significant experience working with legal professionals to scale their businesses by enlisting digital solutions to service more depositions, including remote depositions.




Jacques Botbol

VP Marketing, Verbit

Botbol assists Verbit's legal clients with their digital transformation efforts. He received his B.Sc. in Civil & Environmental Engineering and has an MBA specializing in emerging technologies.