Is your school incorporating Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles? Statistics show that while UDL may still seem “nice-to-have,” it’s in fact critical to the success of a multitude of learners. Why? A plethora of students are not reporting their disabilities.

“It's very important to look at who you're excluding when you're not including inclusive design and when you're working from a model that students need to jump through some hoops to enroll or connect with the Office of Disability Services,” said Jody Goldstein, Director of Disability Services at UNCW.

Why Inclusive Design Is So Important

Read this guide for key findings, including the:

  • % of college-age students with disabilities who aren’t disclosing
  • % drop in spring enrollment overall and for international students
  • Key reasons students aren’t identifying or disclosing disabilities
  • Role privilege plays in disabilities, diagnoses and more

Read this important guide